World in charity was established in 2018 by Miss Namukasa Samali.she started with her sister’s and brother’s kids who were too vulnerable,and one neighbor’s child. These kids were all under her care and protection, she could provide all the basic needs for them. These children were five in number and 1-4 yrs old  two boys and three girls. Later she developed a mind of starting a foundation caring for vulnerable children from the community, because there were alot of needy children in the community and the country at large more especially vulnerable children but from 0-16years.
Official operation started in 2019 July with 12 Children. It operates as an independent foundation which receives no regular financial support from any government, church or organization.

We are Ugandan based foundation supporting children in the country. we support those who can’t provide for themselves delivering sustainable long term solutions to those in need. we provide a mainstream child, semi child and street children with care, love, support and protection through shelter, food, education, clothings. We support orphaned children and all kinds of needy and vulnerable children of all kinds and we add the extra support that every child deserves.

World in charity believes that every child, every where has the right to be happy, healthy and educated in life. This means we work hard to find all possible solutions that are sustainable.

We offer regular, consistent support to those in need so that the children in our care can develop over time, giving them the chance to create the brighter future.

Future plans:

-We would like to see a nation where all children have the chance to grow up in a loving and caring environment.

-All widowed women have their rights upheld and respected,we are planning to give them necessary support in counseling and basic needs.